“Creative Space for Online Settlement”

TalkDD is Asia's and Thailand's 1st Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) that is deemed to be the new dimension of Alternative Dispute Resolution serving as the platform providing complete one-stop service complaint handling management system for customers and online retailers.

"A place where you can talk it out"

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If the negotiation fails, we can provide you with the professional mediators who can assist you during the online mediation process
“TalkDD supports customer service with strong effort on problem solving"

Currently, the statistic of products and services ordered via websites is increasing rapidly causing an unavoidable problem, i.e., increasing number of conflicts between buyers and sellers. Consequently, buyers have no confidence in product ordering via online system.

TalkDD serves as the customer service department of your online retailer as if a personal assistant helping to manage information enabling you to discuss with customer on the occurred problem creatively and friendly. The entrepreneurs who participate as members will obtain the following benefits :    

•   Logo TalkDD displays on your website to assure customers that you are willing to talk if the problem occurs.  
•   Build reliability and confidence of consumers.
•   Automatically solve problem via TalkDD helping you to remain good relationship with customers as well as enabling you to continue your business without any suspension.  

“Start building reliability of your business now!”
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TalkDD: the space for your online shopping problems

     TalkDD enables customers to be confident online retailer because customers are able to make any complain on online retailer by informing the occurred problem to online retailer and proposing demanded resolution to online retailer.
       TalkDD serves as the platform of complaining and negotiation for negotiating with online retailer in the event of any inconvenience on online retailer. 
       For customer who is facing with e-commerce problem, your online transactions will be protected from the following problems:
•  Product/service not delivered
•  Damaged or defective product/service
•  Incorrect product/ services
•  Delay of product/services delivery
•  Amount of money requiring payment

       In the event of any conflict raised between customer and e-commerce during the negotiation, the system will run to online mediation system that is the process involved with the third party or mediator serving as the supporter of the parties to online negotiation process. The important characteristic of this process is that the process must be started and operated under voluntary of the parties, and confidentiality without giving any conclusion. On the other hand, it also supports the parties to find the solution together. 
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