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What is TalkDD?

          TalkDD is a system under the supervision of
Thailand Arbitration Center. The sale volume of e-Commerce in Thailand has currently grown continuously at a sustainable rate in align with the number of disputes between customers and online retailers. Currently the existing dispute resolution process for e-Commerce transactions in Thailand is a day-to-day implementation and in physical presence requiring complainer to contact related agencies themselves. Although these agencies provide some complaint channels, there is a problem on insufficient personnel and technology for complete dispute resolution. Consequently, there is a delay on problem solving leading to dispute affecting to business of e-commerce causing suspension of trading. These limitations may be the important factors hindering the complete growth of e-commerce due to lack of reliability towards e-commerce of consumers.

          Accordingly, THAC has developed TalkDD system; the Online Dispute Resolution: (ODR) that is a new dimension of Alternative Dispute Resolution serving as the platform providing mediation service for customers and E-commerce completely and rapidly. It is a system providing online complaining service, online negotiation, and online dispute resolution services utilizing efficient technology properly. As a result, when there is a problem on e-commerce, customers and e-commerce are able to solve such problem mutually through negotiation.  TalkDD system is able to save money and time as well as maintain good relationship between online retailers and customers. 

Download Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) for E-Commerce Transactions B.E. 2558 (2015)
Download Thailand Arbitration Center Rule on Mediation B.E. 2557 (2014)
Download United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) Working Group III (Online dispute resolution)