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Our service for Customers

“TalkDD: the space for your online shopping problems”

          TalkDD enables customers to be confident online retailer because customers are able to make any complain on online retailer by informing the occurred problem to online retailer and proposing demanded resolution to online retailer.

          TalkDD serves as the platform of complaining and negotiation for negotiating with online retailer in the event of any inconvenience on online retailer. 

          For customer who is facing with e-commerce problem, your online transactions will be protected from the following problems:

               •       Product/service not delivered

               •       Damaged or defective product/service

               •       Incorrect product/ services

               •       Delay of product/services delivery

               •       Amount of money requiring payment

          In the event of a conflict have arisen between customer and online retailer during the negotiation, the system can transfer to an e-mediation interface which is the process involving with the third party or a mediator serving as the facilitator of the parties to the online negotiation process. The important characteristic of this process is that the process must be started and operated under voluntary of the parties, and confidentiality without giving any conclusion. On the other hand, it also supports the parties to find the solution together.