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Online Complaint Service

Customers are able to complain about the problem on online retailer via automatic system by selecting the problem from the system, for example, delay of product delivery, defect products, failure of product delivery, or problem related to payment, etc.

Online Negotiation System

TalkDD is a new dimension of negotiation under the friendly atmosphere providing the opportunity to customer and online retailer for negotiating via automatic system whereas customers are able to select the guidelines of demanded resolution from e-commerce by selecting the options provided in the system. Moreover, e-commerce is also able to respond to customer’s offer in the event such offer is agreed by customer. However, if it is disagreed by online retailer, the dispute can be submitted to customer via automatic system.

Online Mediation System

In the event of any conflict raised between customer and online retailer during the negotiation, the system will automatically be transferred to the online mediation process; the process involved with (delete “with”) the third party or mediator serving as the facilitator of the parties in the online negotiation process. The important characteristic of this process is that it is a voluntary process, which requires the parties’ willingness to initiate. Mediation is based on voluntariness, confidentiality and not pointing out who is right or wrong. On the other hand, it also supports the parties to find the creative solutions outside the legal normative box, in order to enable the parties to reach their own agreements and resolutions to their problems.

Mediation process is famous internationally with the following characteristics:
- Rapid
- No complexity
- Save cost
- Confidential and save relationship of the parties.